Doom Metal Front die Zweite

Im neuen Glanze erstrahlt die Homepage der Doom Metal Front jetzt unter Dort gibt es auch Ausgaben 1-3 des Magazins sowie die Compilations als Download… Wenn das mal keinen Klick wert ist…

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Eine Antwort zu “Doom Metal Front die Zweite”

  1. Hello

    We are The Sand Collector, a stoner metal band from Elche(Alicante, Spain).

    We contact you to let you know about our first release “Lord of the Sun”. You can download for free in the next link

    We would like to send you a promo copy of our first release, but it is out of stock now, we sold all copies in our shows to self-finance us.

    And we hope you enjoy the songs and if you like, make a review of “Lord of the Sun” cd, or simply listen the songs…anyway, thanks a lot for your time!

    Thank you very much,

    The Sand Collector